5 Digital marketing trends to watch out for before 2022 ends

Posted On October 18th, 2022

Half the year has flown by - fast. And the world of digital marketing is evolving even faster. Earlier this year, I wrote about five digital marketing trend predictions that are transforming the industry as Picture for the representative purpose you read this. Here are five more trend predictions that every marketer should consider keeping up with if they want to have an impactful ending to 2022:

1. Content will become as important as ad operations

Over the last 5 years, ad operations have become more streamlined and less complicated. A natural course considering larger companies like Google and Facebook are investing in the power of UI and UX, and therefore working towards making ad operations simpler.

Without discounting the fact that those experienced in ad operations come with much-needed expertise in growth hacks, we must acknowledge that soon it will be hard to distinguish between ad operation skill levels.

The key differentiator then will be content.

With the explosive increase in digital advertising, brands need to leverage analytics to learn what makes their ads tick in terms of copy and design. If brands want to stand out, their content needs to do the talking.

2. Marketing teams will get leaner with specialists leading the pack and generalists seeing the end of their career

This is a trend that has been a long time coming.

Generalist roles like Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Manager have been losing value over the last 3 years and will only continue to depreciate in the future.

While there will always be merit in understanding the overall aspect of marketing (which by default stands for digital marketing), the generalist role will exist only in the higher rungs of the corporate ladder. Junior and midlevel professionals who seek generalist profiles as a career are looking for fish in a bathtub.


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